Gods’ Vs Our own commandments!

How much of God’s message in his word can we comprehend?

We take a lot of time thinking a bout the biblical message. Some dedicate a life time trying to study it and analyse word per word.Personally, I’ve always thought about Jesus’ language, in his message, in his actions. I just want to limit myself, just on one topic, commandments, lawas! On Mt Sinai, God gave 10 commandments to the Israelites! By the time Jesus came, these had been multiplied and the numbered 613. Jesus came and said he never was to abolish the law, but before he left, he told his desciples that all the laws and prophets are summed up in Only Two commandments! 

Jesus left, and if you want to know how much we have understood the meaning of those two commandments… ask yourself.. in the institution where I am, how many commandments are there? Be it in your ownn family, your community, place of work etc.  The commandments that Jesus left were indicative and positive. He left us with what to do. TO LOVE. But today, all our commandments are almost all “donts”!

Why is this the case? Why do we have to multiply the commandments once again?  Why do we have to say what should never be done, instead of indicating the right thing to do?

Of the many things that Jesus taught how much have we graspped? I can say, less than the basics!


kaloys 2013


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