Remembering the many plans that were never fulfilled! Remembering the too many opportunities you would have had, if…… but it wasn’t the case! How happy your family would have been if… you had may be married so or so.. instead of so! Even simple things like wishing you had arrived an hour earlier..or done a little more reading before the examination!

These are moments that come in our lives. They come to all of us. They will always be there. And what do we get from them? Some just stop at the step of lamentation! Saying I wish….. doesn’t change the situation! It just makes you feel sad, feel a victim of something you never realized, or actually of something that never happened! We rarely think of the actually fact that may be the worse could have happened!

In all situations, what helps one to develope in thinking and way of doing things, is picking a positive attitude towards life. Nothing happens out of chance and if it really happens by chance, even that very chance has to be utilized! We ought to get lessons from our past, but can’t stick there! That is something already gone. True it can have an impact on our today, tomorrow.. but it doesn’t completely dictate it in many circumstances.

When something  happens and your start wondering what would have happened instead of that.. you are really missing a point. It would be a wastage of time and resources. Something has happened! Now look for what the possible and especially postive outcomes can be! That is the most important thing. Not wishing something else had happened!

If we are really to develope, and have a mind that is ready to progress, we need to develope the art of positive thinking! Believing in the treasures of the unknown! Learning to appreciate the challenges we fare and turn them into lessions! Difficulties should never be excuses!

kaloys 2013


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