Point of reference

Point of reference

Point of reference in life.
There is nothing new under the sun.. all that we do, has already been done… all that we go through has already been experienced by others. The challenges we face have already been faced–the sufferings and pains we undergo arn’t starting with us. Facing life with a point of reference has an advantage in that, you don’t fall the risk of thinking within your circle of experience. It helps one to look beyond the personal limits, beyond the personal strenght and it gives one assurance that what he/she is about to undertake isn’t something new in life. It is important to learn from others how they have handled certain situations, the positive to do and the negative to avoid.
For the Christian, your point of reference should be Jesus, who lived on earth joyful and terribly sorrowful moments. The basic principle each christian ought to follow in whatever situation would be; “How would Jesus act if He were faced with such a situation as I am in?”

You may not easily handle life alone… always have a point of reference.. model in life

kaloys 2013


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